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 Corporate Banking Solutions

Corporate Banking Software Solutions


  • Coporate Internet Banking


VeriPark's Corporate Banking Solutions strives to enhance your client's customer experience while improving the efficiency of sales and employees. We complete this mission through the following solutions.

  • Omni-Channel Corporate Banking (Corporate Internet banking)
  • Corporate Banking CRM 
  • Commercial Banking Next Best Action, predictive analytics
  • Corporate RM Tablet 

VeriPark's solution has three segments within business banking: Micro; usually sole proprietorships, Commercial; SME's with revenue less than a configurable amount, Corporate; large corporations.

 Corporate Internet Banking

VeriPark provides an Omni-Channel Solution for your business clients to provide a 'financial supermarket' where they can perform any banking transaction with your bank through one portal. This Omni-Channel supermarket allows corporate clients to perform enquires, trade finance, foreign exchange and many other transactions through one portal.

Corporate Internet Banking solution provides the following functionalities:

  • Client enrollment, KYC capture and new account opening
  • Inquiries, limits and utilizations, statement downloads
  • Transfers and payments with multiple approvals
  • File uploads for salary, supplier and channel financing
  • Trade finance portfolio, LC/LG initiation, amendment
  • Cash management file uploads, sweeps and standing orders
  • Treasury buy / sell FX, future dated contracts
  • Business credit card statements, payments, limits management
  • User hierarchies and signing authority matrix per customer
  • Digital and wet signature based transaction flows
  • CIF combining and single sign on for multiple group companies
  • Delegated administration panel for clients
  • Next best action campaign management for cross-sell
  • KYC Renewal module for digital KYC renewals
  • Remote cheque deposit service
VeriPark Omni-Channel Solution will provide your clients with:
  • Enhanced experience and one single portal to perform all relationships with your bank
  • No need for calls and faxes to the bank but perform more transactions with self service
  • Less trips to the branch for presenting and signing documents
  • Detailed level of control and access restrictions on their accounts
  • Corporate Internet Banking Solution
  • Corporate Banking CRM Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365

 Banking CRM Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365

​VeriPark enhances Microsoft CRM to provide the best Corporate Banking CRM solution in the market. The main objective of this solution is to build a Unified Front End for business banking RM’s allowing them to perform their day-to-day work on this platform and even when they visit clients.  VeriPark’s Corporate Banking CRM provides the following features:
  • Client 360 View for micro, business and corporate segment
  • Diary management and appointments planning
  • Deals pipeline and sales process automation
  • Account planning and call reporting
  • SLA driven service requests management
  • Data quality improvement and master data management
  • Alerts and notifications management
  • Referrals, prospects and call plans execution
  • Coverage team management

 Corporate Next Best Action

VeriPark’s Next Best Action (NBA) solution monitors client's transactions to offer the best service and product offering, that are suitable to the client by using predictive analytics and algorithms. A corporate RM wouldn’t have time to track each client’s business in detail and sometimes misses valuable servicing opportunities.

NBA uses social listening and monitors news feeds to detect any news item regarding a corporate client and bring relevant news items to RM’s attention, so that RM can provide timely advice to their clients.VeriPark’s NBA solution provides:
  • Offers for products and services that are suitable to a specific client
  • Currency swap contracts
  • POC machines
  • Remote cheque deposit service
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to analyze client account behaviors
  • Provides discussion items during client visits such as alerts, news items, industry insights
  • Provides an API so that client can see the recommendations during Internet banking session
  • Corporate Banking Next Best Action
  • Corporate Banking RM Tablet Application

 Corporate RM Tablet

This solution is designed to provide full client visibility when an employee is visiting a corporate client. This tablet app connects to Dynamics CRM and provides online or offline visibility to the client data in CRM. The tablet app provides the following functionality:
  • Client 360 with limits and utilizations
  • All pending issues
  • Deferrals and days passed dues
  • Existing and past opportunities of this client
  • Call report capture with follow up tasks and referrals
  • Alerts and notifications for this client