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 Retail Banking Solutions

Retail Banking Solution


  • Veripark Retail Banking


Retail banking is changing at unprecedented speed. VeriPark’s Retail Banking Solutions are designed to help Retail Banks to satisfy the demands of the digital-savvy consumers and leverage emerging technologies while complying with tougher regulations.

  • Omni-Channel Banking Experience
  • Branch Transformation
  • Retail Banking CRM Add-on for Dynamics 365
  • Loan Origination
  • Retail Next Best Action
  • Digital Wallet
  • Role Based Tablet Applications

 Omni-Channel Banking Experience

​‘Omni-Channel Banking’ solution offers a secure and unified platform that empowers organizations to manage seamless, consistent and engaging consumer journeys. VeriPark’s Omni-Channel Banking Solution has got the most extended channel coverage from customer service representative to contact centre, ranging from digital to assisted channels helping financial institutions to sell, serve and comply digitally. With fully responsive user interfaces, customers and colleagues can access the system from devices of varying sizes and resolutions.  With the Omni-Channel Banking Solution, organizations enable customer needs to be captured, insights to be derived and conversations to be personalized and optimized.
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Contact Centre Banking
  • ATM Banking
  • Kiosk Banking
  • Chatbot Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • Branchless Banki

  • Omni Channel Banking Experience
  • Omni Channel Banking Solution

 Branch Transformation

For many banks, determining the best strategy for delivering seamless customer service within branch can be a challenge today due to the number of different applications being used. VeriPark suggests CRM based single application with in the branches to enables banks to streamline their business processes, by connecting front-office to back-office systems. Providing a Dynamics365 based software solution that easily looks-up customer account information, VeriPark’s ‘Branch Transformation’ solution allows CSR’s, sellers and advisors to efficiently execute transactions; this would include loan origination, account origination, financial planning and transfers, overall creating high value sales center’s.
  • One Solution Platform in Branch
  • Built-in Workflow System for Activities & Approvals
  • Omni-Channel Architecture
  • Built-in Policy coherence 
  • Role Based Feature – Teller/Seller & Advisor
  • Back-Office Module and Comprehensive Reporting & Dashboards

 Retail Banking CRM Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365

VeriPark’s ‘Retail Banking CRM’ solution based on Dynamics365 brings years of in-depth expertise in creating solutions for the financial services industry. It allows us to leverage the core capabilities of CRM and tailor it to meet the unique and specific needs of Retail Banking. The solution can integrate a customer relationship management solution with your existing systems and data to deliver a centralized, 720° view of all customers and household assets and liabilities, as well as financial and insurance product detail so you can have a consistent, customer-centric and holistic view of your business. Additionally, ready to use data models meet the best-practices supporting CSR, branch and back-office operations, loan processing and customer relationship management, firm activity and cotact centre automation.

  • 720 Degree Single Customer View
  • Contact Centre Agent Desktop
  • Complaints & Service Request Management
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Outlook Integration
  • Retention & Loyalty Management
  • Master Data Management

  • Retail Banking CRM
  • loan origination solution

 Loan Origination

The ‘Loan Origination solution transforms inefficient long loan and mortgage processes into a fully digital, paperless, risk conscious and customer-oriented experience. The Loan Origination‘ solution includes all the functionality and forms that loan processors require to process a loan. It provides easy access to all forms, verifications, lenders and service companies.
  • Less Turn Around Time
  • Less Cost acquisitions
  • Enforce Policies
  • Task Automation
  • Merchant Originated Lending
  • Enhance Efficiency of Direct Sales

 Retail Next Best Action

‘Next Best Action’ (NBA) is focused on using a high degree of complex rules, analytics and algorithms to better predict customer needs. In turn, it offers more relevant actions and comprehensively leads to improved wallet share and loyalty. It leverages Azure Machine Learning capabilities to recommend what to do next for a customer. It engages the customer with relevant and coordinated messages and offers across all inbound and outbound channels, such as Contact Centre, Branch, Web, e-mail and social media to maximize profitability and customer loyalty. NBA solutions provide the following functionalities for integration of your channels and existing systems: 

  • Get Next Best Action in order to retrieve the next best action that will be presented to the customer during a mobile banking log-in
  • Get Product Propensities in order to retrieve what the product offers with their propensity and benefit metrics
  • Capture Response in order to capture responses of the customers to create product offers and actions.
  • Retail Banking AI
  • Digital Wallet

 Digital Wallet

VeriPark Digital Wallet solution provides easy access to funds and convenience in spending for their customers, making overall life easier with benefits like rewarding offers. Leveraging VeriPark’s unique Omni-Channel solution, the digital wallet solution seamlessly integrates with the enterprise systems to deliver consistent users experience across all channels. 
  • Provisioning contactless payments
  • Easy customer onboarding
  • Enhanced personal finance advisor
  • Offers and Campaigns
  • Application and Notifications

 Role Based Tablet Applications

Role Based Tablet Applications enable banks to maximize their employee productivity by providing them with remote origination capabilities to close opportunities in the field. New customers can easily be introduced to a full customer information capture. During a customer visit, field sales agents can use role based tablet applications to access all personal and financial information, as well as check the eligibility for a specific product, allowing them to instantly perform a sales actions.
  • Cross-sell enablement allows the role based tablet applications to offer multiple products by integration with the built-in offer management system
  • Increased field sales efficiency by allowing to accept applications in the initial visit and no need to go back to the customer to collect the application form
  • Enhanced 360-degree view of the customer
  • Sales agent dashboard, picture taking, competitor dashboard and more
  • Banking Tablet Solution