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 Wealth Management

Wealth Management Solution


  • Wealth Management CRM


Traditional engagements between clients and advisors are transforming rapidly. Today’s clients expect a whole new kind of experience that’s more conversational, more personalized, and more transparent - and they want it faster than ever before. VeriPark offers a fully integrated and automated platform to support wealth management service providers. With the capabilities to empower your business, VeriPark delivers technology that fully monitors wealth management through omni-channel solutions to deliver end-to-end solutions for leading wealth managers and advisors. With VeriPark solutions, you will  understand your client, their circumstances, life requirements and ambitions, and then match up the right set of financial solutions and strategies to help them achieve their objectives.

  • Wealth Management CRM Add-on for Dynamics 365
  • Omni-Channel Application for Wealth Management
  • Advisor Tablet & Mobility Application

 Wealth Management CRM Add-on for Dynamics 365

​VeriPark’s Wealth Management CRM solution based on Dynamics 365 builds upon years of in-depth expertise in creating solutions for the financial services industry. It allows us to leverage the core capabilities of CRM and tailor them to meet the unique and specific needs of wealth management companies. Wealth Management CRM is built on top of Dynamics 365 and can be understood as a high-touch relationship management solution that pulls client data from multiple sources, making it easy for wealth managers to get a complete view of their clients through a single platform. With rich client profiles at their fingertips, wealth managers can now take their client engagements to the next level — by not just understanding what data they have, but also how they can apply this data to personalize relationships at scale. With the help of VeriPark’s Wealth Management CRM Add-on, your organization is also going to increase retention rates and revenue growth through improved client management and personalized service for the most valuable parts of your client base. The solution is going to help you identify, acquire, and retain high-value clients and then manage client relationships to increase revenue and improve efficiency.

  • 720-Degree Single Client View 
  • Investor Profiling
  • Service Request & Complaints Management
  • Sales & Prospect Management
  • Marketing & Event Management
  • Account Planning & Call Reports
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Wealth Management Dynamics 365
  • Omni Channel Wealth Management

 Omni-Channel Application for Wealth Management

​Omni-Channel Application for Wealth Management delivers a secure and unified platform that allows financial organizations to manage seamless, consistent and engaging consumer journeys. VeriPark’s Omni-Channel Wealth Management offers extensive channel coverage ranging from client service representatives to the contact centre and from digital to assisted channels to help financial institutions sell, serve and comply digitally. With the help of the Omni-Channel Application for Wealth Management, you can combine wealth management functionalities with your internet/mobile banking and provide your clients with a fast, secure and easy way to manage their financials. Your clients can use different channels to access their accounts and portfolios anywhere and anytime.

  • Secure Access
  • Portfolio Overview
  • E-Statements & Documents
  • Online Trading
  • Cash Transfer

 Advisor Tablet & Mobility Application

​Today's clients want information at a moment's notice and VeriPark Wealth Management solution provides increased mobility to wealth managers and advisors who need to view clients’ account information. Having the ability to work across multiple devices and deliver omni-channel digital content to sales channels for clients, and the combination of multiple content management system resources, interaction planning, and meetings can be collated through tablet application. Advisor Tablet & Mobility Application delivers numerous features to financial advisors, including single view of the client, reporting capabilities and what-if scenarios. It also enables advisors to review their portfolios and keep in touch with their clients while on the go. In addition, wealth managers and advisors will be able to utilize functions such as financial planning tools, client account data and product research from their tablets to offer client prospects and cross-sell opportunities, which drives additional revenue. They can input trades and service requests while away from the office, driving improved responsiveness and higher productivity. They can also be more effective when opening accounts and financial planning while on the go.

  • Wealth Management Application