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VeriChannel - Omni-Channel Banking Experience / Corporate Internet Banking

VeriChannel Corporate Internet Banking allow you to serve customers via virtual branch. VeriChannel Corporate Internet Banking provides a highly secure and customizable approval flow with its flexible authorization levels.

Transaction Approvals

  • Ability to define approval rules based on transaction amount, account, and beneficiary.
  • Ability to obtain approvals on transaction from authorized person both for client and bank side - Maker/checker workflows.
  • Ability to hold and release transactions during approval process.
  • Ability to provide a graphical display of the approval process.
  • Ability to give approvals on Mobile based devices.

Cash Management

  • ​​​Ability to upload an excel file containing details of intra-bank and domestic payments for processing and support single debit, multiple credit on a specific date which enables "Bulk Payment".
  • Ability to provide an easy way to enter multiple transfer details in single page.
  • Ability to define employees working in the company for the purpose of "Payroll Payments". Confirm the payments to many employees in one easy step.
  • Ability to download an Excel file to keep track of the successful and unsuccessful transactions.​

Delegated Administration

  • ​​Ability to provide an admin user functionality for each SME client enrolled to Internet Banking to perform administrative tasks.
  • Ability to define employees as sub users and enrol them to Internet Banking.
  • Ability to set limits for different transactions for each user/role enrolled to Internet Banking.
  • Ability to restrict access to transactions and functionality.

Transfers & Payments

  • ​​Ability to make fund transfers between a customer's own accounts in the bank.
  • Ability to make fund transfers funds between different customer's accounts within the bank.
  • Ability to make fund transfers to an account at another bank in the same or different country.
  • Ability to set up standing order instructions for automatic transfers.
  • Ability to notify customers with SMS and E-mail notifications.

Trade Finance

  • ​​Ability to make an inquiry on an existing trade finance portfolio.
  • Ability to search for existing/past finance products.​