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VeriLoan - Loan Origination and Servicing / Corporate Loan Origination

VeriLoan provides an end-to-end corporate loan origination process on a single platform and offers a flexible, process-managed approach that supports a fully customized loan origination engine helping to enhance customer experience


The financial institutions face challenges during corporate loan origination processes that revolve around complex business rules, lack of consolidated financial data and calculated risk ratings. VeriLoan, providing an end-to-end corporate loan origination process on a single platform, enables financial institutions to:

  • Be future ready,
  • Capture data across multiple entities,
  • Optimize work flows,
  • Cover all related information including shareholders, subsidiaries, parent companies,
  • Increase the analysis scope,
  • Ease customer onboarding processes.

The streamlined solution offers a flexible, process-managed approach that supports a fully customized loan origination engine helping to enhance customer experience.

VeriLoan Corporate Loan Origination covers portfolio management, risk assessment, compliance with regulatory norms, and transparent lending process to address the competitive business environment and changing regulatory requirements.

Rule Engine

Reduce expenditure and increase operational efficiency with a rule engine

Capturing the loan request is the first and the most important part of a loan origination solution. VeriLoan helps to capture the data, manage seamless, consistent and engaging client journeys on the same platform. VeriLoan's built-in rule engine stands out as an easy-to-deploy-and-maintain functionality. It enables financial institutions to increase their agility and speed to adapt to business process execution by minimizing risks. The rule engine also includes powerful, scalable features such as product policy automation, enforced policy, exception approval, Credit Bureau Integration and credit policy.

KYC and AML Checks

Empower your compliance team with streamlined KYC and AML processes

Knowing Your Customer is crucially important for financial institutions to manage preventing laundered money from entering into their financial system. VeriLoan’s KYC and AML functionality set helps to:
  • Move faster, grow key relationships and increase profits while controlling risk,
  • Implement systems for corporate loan origination that are resilient, efficient and cost-effective,
  • Reduce the risk from fraud and comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations by optimizing and streamlining business processes including customer onboarding, alert investigation, case management with its in-built platforms, 
  • Fight with financial crime effectively.

Document Management

Shift time from filing documents to focus on optimizing profit margins

VeriLoan provides full management of loan documentation to improve communications while reducing manual data input and human error. It simplifies the business workflow by implementing a convenient document management process and generates a list of documents with mandatory or not mandatory features defined with specified parameters such as product type, risk level and KYC policies.

By streamlining the process, the access to retail loan documents becomes more secure and available with ease. The documentation management feature of VeriLoan increases process efficiency by digitizing archive, resulting in minimized cost.