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VeriLoan - Loan Origination and Servicing / Corporate Loan Servicing

VeriLoan’s inclusive all-in-one servicing solution supports all corporate loan products on a single platform.


VeriLoan's inclusive all-in-one servicing solution supports all corporate loan products on a single platform. VeriLoan Corporate Servicing,

  • Allows to monitor all loan covenants and perform payment processing, collections and communications throughout the life of the transaction,
  • Enables financial institutions to provide clients the efficient ways to improve their financial health by connecting the power of machine learning and intuitive design to provide actionable insights,
  • Helps to improve productivity,
  • Lowers servicing costs by automating all aspects of corporate loan servicing,
  • Enables to efficiently manage transactions while minimizing organizational risk,
  • Reduces the interface through automation to improve usability.

Rule Engine

A simple and powerful rule engine to increase efficiency of business process management platforms

VeriLoan's sophisticated rule engine module allows to develop more agile applications in dealing with the dynamic changes of the market. Usability features including built-in review and approval processes help to optimize numerous types of business decisions. The database-oriented rule engine automating the processing of various types of loan products can be easily implemented in the workflow. It also helps to prevent rule conflicts and create well-organized processes to be ahead of changing regulations. 

Document Management

Creating, managing and storing all documents in one secure central repository

VeriLoan provides full management of loan documentation in one easy and risk-free place, generating a list of documents with mandatory or not mandatory features depending on specified parameters such as product type, risk level and KYC policies.

The documents for corporate loan servicing are managed and shared digitally thanks to the automation of all business processes and workflows.

The document management tool helps financial institutions to save time on loan processes and have minimal manual inputs where all the documents are handled digitally from template automation to printing, document scanning to archiving.

Collection Management

Modern and digitized collection processes saving operational costs

VeriLoan provides sophisticated and advanced digitized corporate loan collection processes with its Collection Management features. The solution,

  • Streamlines the entire collection process helping financial institutions to optimize collection efficiency,
  • Reduces write-offs and provisioning,
  • Improves cash-flow management,
  • Helps to enhance customer relationships and facilitate future sales opportunities.