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Cross-sell & Up-sell provides product cross-sell and up-sell recommendations based on customer segment, demographics, financials, and product holdings. It automatically suggests products than can be offered to the customer, serving as guidance and an enabler for increased revenue.


  • Recommendation of products that the customer is eligible for during enrolment, sales, and service.
  • Eligibility criteria for each product is configured in the product catalogue, including eligible customer segments, demographics, and financials.
  • Each product’s potential cross-sell and up-sell options are pre-configured and suggested in sales and service interactions.
  • Customer’s utilization status, propensity, and potential benefit for each product is indicated, along with history of offers made to the customer and previous responses.
  • Customer’s response is captured and tracked as sales opportunities for interested responses, or as negative responses with specific reasons.


  • ​​Offer the right product to the right customer.
  • Increase revenue and sales efficiency through guidance on what product to offer.
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell by having visibility of offers available across teams and channels.
  • Enhance customer experience by avoiding repetitive and irrelevant product offers.
  • Gain insight to reasons behind customer’s rejection and utilize the responses to enhance product offerings.