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Customer Enrollment provides a guided process for onboarding a new customer. It supports processes involved in carrying out background checks on the customer, capturing country-specific KYC information, and ensuring policy compliance; also account origination and straight-through processing of requested services and facilities.


  • ​​​​​Background checks on the customer including Internal Blacklist, Central Bank Rating, and AML are automated, with compliance approval flow.
  • Application form, contract, and other associated form templates are configured and generated in PDF format.
  • Single and Joint CASA and Fixed Deposit account opening support with request and processing of Debit Card, Cheque Book, Mobile and SMS Banking and other facilities.
  • Required documents, KYC business rules, account opening policy and checklist are enforced with support for compliance approvals.
  • Integration with Card Reader and Biometric capture devices as well as signature scanning and upload facility.


  • ​​Reduced rejections and return rates with upfront background checks and checklists.
  • Reduced inefficiencies of redundant steps in application processes.
  • Increased sales with product recommendations tailored to each application's requirements.
  • Increase productivity with one unified onboarding process and a single application to work with.
  • Reduced complexity and turn-around times with integration of card reader and biometric capture functionality.​