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VeriTouch - Leading Customer Centric CRM / Direct Sales Agent Tablet Application

VeriPark’s Direct Sales Agent Tablet Application brings banking to the customer’s doorstep. It provides the convenience of carrying out banking transactions wherever the customer is.


Doorstep banking stands out as an innovative alternative to a traditional banking approach. By bringing services to people’s home and workplace, direct sales agents can perform transactions outside the bank branches while customers enjoy a hassle-free banking experience. From account opening to loan application, customers can do many transactions quickly and efficiently through the tablet app used by the direct sales agents. 

The tablet app provides a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling banks to serve, solve and sell all in one place. Thanks to the in-depth information about customers, the direct sales agents (DSA) can offer a large number of services and products such as credit card application and automatic bill payment subscription. They can also onboard customers digitally and direct them to use mobile and internet banking to perform their transactions. 

Key features of the DSA Tablet App

360 Degree View of Customer: Providing a single view of a customer enabling the DSA to see the current products owned by the customer along with the offers, alerts and existing applications.

Digital Customer Onboarding: Offering a quick, effective and intuitive onboarding process at the customer's doorstep.

Agent Task Management: Enabling agents to manage customer visits efficiently across an entire city or region, while the banks monitor the performance of their sales agents, track their locations and provide more effective support.

Location-based assignments: Delivering location-based assignments to direct sales agents while they are no longer tied to a specific branch. It enables the sales team to move to the assigned locations, check the assigned tasks effectively through the application check-in and act as universal bankers.

Offline Applications: Saving banking applications in the offline mode and then synchronizing them to banking systems later.


Digital Approvals: Enabling customers to use a web browser or mobile phone to approve contracts for products, such as personal instalment loans and overdrafts.

Application Document Capture: Capturing the required documents such as an ID copy through the tablet camera and saving them to CRM.

Eligibility Calculator: Processing the loan application at the customer's location with instant eligibility checks. The eligibility calculator, synchronized with back-office customer information, allows gaining digital approval for loans and overdrafts. 

Sales Agent Dashboard: Displaying the sales agent's opportunities charts, activities, existing applications and pending documents on the landing page.

Key benefits for banks

  • Monitoring and supporting direct sales agents more efficiently without getting them tied up to a specific branch,
  • Accessing customer information for cross-sell & up-sell and boost sales performance,
  • Going completely paperless,
  • Increasing the speed of processes,
  • Growing their market share.

Key benefits for customers

  • Carrying out banking transactions without the need of visiting a branch,
  • From credit card limit increase to getting an instant ATM card, performing many transactions quickly and efficiently through the tablet app.
  • Using digital technology while having face to face interactions.

Success story of Vakıfbank’s DSA Project

When Vakıfbank was looking for ways to increase touchpoints with its customers, doorstep banking emerged as an alternative to traditional approaches. The bank deployed the DSA tablet app to support its mobile sales force. Since then, the bank has grown market share, gone completely paperless and increased the speed of processes, such as loans by 8 times.

By implementing this proactive approach, the bank has processed over 600,000 new applications for different products. The application covering about 90% of all retail banking operations is currently used by 2,400 Vakıfbank employees all around the country.

"We are now able to monitor, manage and support our sales agents and portfolio managers visiting our clients more effectively. Our Agents aren't waiting for local customers to come to the branch occasionally. They're going after these customers where they work and increase customer engagement." said Mehmet Serhat Keskin, CRM Manager at VakıfBank.

Check out Vakıfbank's case study to learn more about DSA which contributes significantly to the profitability of the banks, delivering a return on investment in a very short time.