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VeriTouch - Leading Customer Centric CRM / Sales & Prospect Management

From prospect management to needs assessment and qualification through to opportunity management, this module provides standardized and configurable sales processes that are specific to each and every product and line of business. Built-in reports and dashboards provide management with pipeline visibility and sales performance measurement and monitoring.


  • Prospect Management provides prospect capture capability in CRM and from direct channels; along with contact SLA’s, built-in needs assessment and fact-finding questionnaires.
  • Eligibility rules are configured for each product based on customer demographics, financials, and product holdings, and are enforced on opportunities.
  • Incentive pay-out, targets, and scorecard calculation logic along with their eligibility criteria are defined for each product.
  • Competitor comparison tools and built-in financial calculators are provided for sales agents to present the best offer to the customer.
  • Sales process of each product as well as customer segment-specific SLA’s at different opportunity stages are configured, with dashboards for monitoring sales performance.


  • ​​Increase conversion rates with automatic follow-up actions and prospect SLA’s in place.
  • Eliminate returns and lower rejections by processing teams with upfront eligibility checks and required documents collection.
  • Enhance collaboration and productivity with standardized sales processes and rule-based assignments.
  • Increase visibility into sales pipeline and sales team’s performance with real-time, role-based dashboards.
  • Motivate sales teams and increase cross-sell and up-sell with incentives pay-out programs.