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VeriPark’s SMS banking solution provides a service which allows clients to access information from their financial institution via their mobile phone’s push and pull text features. Push messages refer to the messages that the bank sends to the client’s phone without request for the information, while pull messages are those that the client initiates by requesting certain information. With this easy to use functionality of SMS Banking, financial institutions can interact in a one-to-one direct way with their customers in a convenient way.


  • ​​​​​One-time passwords and user authentication
  • Credit card & loan payment reminders
  • SMS card activations
  • SMS marketing for promotions, loyalty points & discounts programs
  • Transaction confirmation requests (Credit Card & Web Banking)
  • Periodic account balance reporting
  • Large value payments on credit cards or out of country activities on credit cards
  • Loyalty points requests
  • Credit card limit requests
  • Account balance requests
  • Standing orders requests
  • Customer service inquiries
  • Electronic bill payments
  • Transfers between customer's own accounts


  • ​Banks and financial institutions provide service and engage their customers anytime, anywhere and without internet
  • Customers receive the latest information through their mobile phones anytime and from anywhere in the world, at their outmost convenience
  • Banks and financial institutions can use Push Messages, SMS messages sends to the customer’s mobile phone, without the customer initiating a request for the information
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Simplified Global Messaging through one interface
  • High Availability (99%)
  • Low Deployment, Maintenance and Support cost​