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VeriBranch - Branch Transformation / Teller - Seller - Advisor

VeriBranch Teller, Seller and Advisor modules enables quicker, more convenient task completion for both bank employees and customers which frees both parties to initiate higher-level interactions. VeriBranch advanced and digital technologies also enable a true Omni-Channel experience which gives customers an ability to begin a task in one channel and finish it in another.


VeriBranch Teller automation module drives down operational costs whilst significantly enhancing business performance of Tellers in the branch. The activity management system of the Teller module guides employee's day-to-day tasks including the management of enquiries, transfers, account openings, payments and cash movements.

By providing access to this powerful customer centric solution you can ensure the Frontline team are able to say and do the right thing at the right time resulting in a positive customer experience.

Teller Features

  • ​​Customer search
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash drawer opening / closing
  • Cheque deposit / withdrawal
  • Account opening
  • Transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Payment to card


​​Customer on-boarding is one of the most important operations in the life cycle of a financial customer and sets the stage for the entire relati​onship going forward. VeriBranch’s seller module enables your employees at the branch to quickly and easily capture all relevant customer documents and send them to back-end systems for immediate processing. This helps the Frontline team to spend more time with customers, improve the service experience and close more business faster.

Seller Features

  • ​Single view of customer - 360
  • New customer enrolment
  • Account opening
  • Card payment from account
  • Bill payment from account
  • Transfers from account

Advisor Features

  • Client profiling questionnaire
  • Financial health check questionnaire and advice letter
  • Portfolio management
  • Investment portfolio statement
  • Asset allocation rebalancing advice generation
  • Retirement advice
  • Educational planning advice
  • Mortgage investment advice