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     VeriBranch - Branch Automation Solution for greater sales, reduced cost and enhanced customer experience

    VeriBranch - Branch Automation

    VeriBranch directly connects to back-office customer systems enabling banks to streamline business processes .

    Providing a quick and easy look-up of customer account information empowers bank tellers, sellers and advisors to efficiently execute transactions such as loan origination, account origination, financial planning and transfers thereby becoming high value sales centres.  




    <img alt="Teller Seller Banking Solution" src="/en/PublishingImages/Pages/Teller-Seller-Advisor/unifiedfrontend.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> - Seller - AdvisorVeriBranch Teller, Seller and Advisor modules enables quicker, more convenient task completion for both bank employees and customers which frees both parties to initiate higher-level interactions.
    <img alt="Veripark Omni Channel Branch" src="/en/PublishingImages/Pages/Digital-Branch/digitalbranch.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> BranchVeriBranch provides an infrastructure to the Omni-channel structure for the digital and smart branch concept.