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 CRM as a unified front end

 CRM as a unified front end project at State Bank of Mauritius Gone Live!

  •  State Bank of Mauritius CRM Project


​"When Excellence becomes a habit, Success is evident reality". On behalf of the VeriPark, State Bank of Mauritius project team, we are happy to announce the Go live of SBM Mauritius. 

​​The dream of SBM on having CRM as a 'Unified Front End' was in execution from day 1 with 600+ users using CRM across various SBM Mauritius branches serving customers with various Retail/Corporate functions ranging from Customer Enrolment, Account opening, Opportunity & Service Requests and Marketing. Modules: Retail & Corporate Single View; Corporate and Retais Master Data Management; Sales & Prospect Management; Service Request & Complaint Management with STP; Marketing & Campaign Management; Incentive Management Now with SBM team taking measurement on business benefits, the project team is extremely confident that these metrics will surely turn out positive on CRM and prove that CRM has indeed added value to SBM as a whole. SBM now being able to deliver unified communication which integrates and streamline communications for richer collaboration, enhanced productivity and faster business decisions. ​