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 Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference 2017

 Microsoft Inspire, organized by the Microsoft took place at the Technology Centre in Washington last week. The title and format of the Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference may have changed this year, but VeriPark continue to dominate in 2017.

  • Dynamics Global ISV VeriPark

 Microsoft Dynamics Global ISV of the Year 2017

Microsoft has recognized VeriPark’s success in delivering innovative software solution by pronouncing us best performing Global Independent Software Vendor of the year!

There are around 320,000 companies across the globe which are Microsoft partners and 42,000 thousand of those partners are called “Business Solutions Partners”. Among this group of 42,000 companies, there are various levels such as silver, gold and "Global ISV". The highest level is “Global ISV" and there are now 24 global ISV’s across the globe. VeriPark got selected the best among these elite group of Microsoft partners as “Best Performing Global Independent Software Vendor of the Year”.

VeriPark’s global expansion together with financial services know-how, machine learning and AI investments and innovative solutions enable VeriPark to deserve this award among many other Global ISVs.Microsoft Dynamics Global ISV of the Year award gives us a fantastic opportunity to showcase the solutions which we have built on top of Microsoft technologies, earning recognition for our hard work and dedication to digital transformation.

From London to Kuala Lumpur, in our 14 offices around the globe, we proudly deliver VeriPark & Microsoft solutions to enable financial organizations to deliver world class customer journeys in different countries such as Germany, Thailand, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Croatia, Serbia, Ghana, South Africa, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom.

 Microsoft Dynamics Services Partner of the Year 2017 – CEE

​We are honored to be at the forefront of Microsoft cloud wins that the fast growth in the Azure space has brought this year.  We are pleased to have won three significant cloud opportunities in Central & Eastern Europe and to be recognized again as Microsoft Dynamics Services Partner of the year in the region for the second year running.  Regional Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year award demonstrates exceptional VeriPark success by optimizing the use of Dynamics 365 to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations and business goals 

  • Microsoft Dynamics Services Partner CEE
  • Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner  WECA

 Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner of the Year 2017 – WECA

​For the West, East & Central Africa region, Microsoft has recognized VeriPark’s success and awarded VeriPark as Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner of the Year! It is a great achievement for VeriPark to gain recognition for all the innovation and hard work the team have put in with each and every one of our customers. Every client interaction helps them to succeed in their journeys of digital transformation with the adoption of modern technologies using Microsoft Cloud services.

 Improved Customer Engagement with a VeriPark Next Best Action

​VeriPark Europe Managing Director Wim GEUKENS and Senior Partner Account Manager Pınar AKIN showcased Cortana based solution Next Best Action to the Microsoft Inspire partner event participants in the Microsoft Industry booth area! Through the combination of the Microsoft cloud and VeriPark’s Next Best Action solution, financial institutions can turn data into insight, ideas into action, and customer events into opportunities.Read more about VeriPark Next Best Action solution.

  • Customer Engagement VeriPark Next Best Action
  • Customer Insights for Banking

 New Vertical; Customer Insights for Banking

VeriPark CTO Gökhan ÇAKIROĞLU took place at the stage in "Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience in Financial Services" session at Microsoft Inspire. He gave a speech about how Microsoft’s Customer Experience Management solutions are enabling financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation together with Microsoft Financial Services Industry Director Chad HAMBLIN and introduced VeriPark Customer Insights solution build on Microsoft Cloud Technology to engage customers and empower banking employees. Read more about VeriPark Customer Insights solution.

 Cloud Transformation and Digital Banking

VeriPark Regional Sales Director Beni MELAMET has participated "Advanced Workloads" roundtable session, moderated by Hans ZAGLER, in the first day of Microsoft Inspire and gave a speech about "How VeriPark is adapted Cloud Transformation". Download Beni Melamet's presentation to know more about Cloud Transformation and Delivering Results in Digital Banking. 

  • Cloud Transformation and Digital Banking
  • Microsoft Appsource VeriPark Next Best Action

 VeriPark's Appsource Success Story

VeriPark had chosen among the most successful Appsource partners and Microsoft told VeriPark success story to inspire other partners that are in the same journey. VeriPark able to transform themselves to embrace cloud and new business models with Next Best Action and VeriTouch solutions which published on Appsource.