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 Omni-Channel Presence & Responsive Design

 Omni-Channel Presence & Responsive Design Experience for Halkbank Internet Banking Users

  • Omni-Channel Presence Responsive Design Experience Halkbank veripark


In today's mobile and multi-screen world, having an Omni-Channel presence and building the customer experience on a solid responsive design is a must for customer satisfaction. Banks and financial institutions best serve their customers by providing a certain quality of services that exclusively combine to meet a full realm of inter-related needs.

Omni-Channel banking takes this concept to the next level and uses today's technology to provide the online solution for integrated needs. VeriPark's state of the technology 'VeriChannel' is the premiere banking platform that streamlines efficiency and quality into one seamless all-inclusive package. VeriChannel applies the most customer friendly platform to the most current IT-technology, providing immediate interchangeable access to one Omni-Channel utility. Whether its online banking, Mobile banking or Customized support, VeriChannel provides an interactive experience adapting to what best serves the customer at any given moment of time. The platform is optimized for Omni-Channel customers and provides support based on responsive design which creates a seamless experience between different screens such as web, tablet or mobile. HalkBank, which is one of the largest privately-owned investment banks in Turkey, now applied the technology by using Responsive Design Internet Banking technology which is developed by VeriPark.


Halkbank who always aims to provide the best banking experience to Individual and Corporate customers in digital environment, used VeriPark's new generation VeriChannel infrastructure for the development processes of the responsive design of Internet Banking. From now on, Halkbank customers can easily and safely perform all of their banking transactions at any point and from any device. The customer experience remains the same due to responsive design principles even though different browsers and screens can be used and all updates can be done seamlessly across different platforms. ​